Hierarchical Select Access

Hierarchical Select Access
The Hierarchical Select Access complements the Hierarchical Select module and offers a mix of content type and role permissions for selecting menu items in a hierarchy when creating content.

Drupal Edubase API Validation Module

Drupal Edubase Validation Module
Custom module for validating schools against the database held by Edubase using Drupal's http request, and interacts with the comments form and other Drupal’s components for extending requests and validations, with event logging and error reporting.

Dialogue Monitoring and Statistics

Custom module for dialogue and performance monitoring; it provides administrators with useful information for decision making based on certain criteria configured in Drupal's admin interface.

Drupal SMS System for Local Council

Drupal SMS System
SMS texting system built with Drupal's SMS Framework and relies on SMS Blast for sending 40,000 text messages at a time.

Drupal Seasonal Pages

Drupal SMS System
Seasonal pages get their title and meta-tags changed automatically certain months in advance by implementing hook_preprocess_HOOK() in a custom module. Suitable for seasonal products like diaries, planners and calendars.

Custom Email Addresses for Approving User Registration

The module relies on hook_mail() to send notification to the right administrator upon user registration to a selected section within the business. It utilizes Form API for providing a configuration form, this makes it possible to specify email addresses for user registration approval.

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