Drupal E-commerce and Custom Scripts

Accomplished various projects for TD Imagies and their clients ranging from Drupal with Ubercart sites to Oscommerce sites and custom MySQL and PHP projects. The first project was a custom MySQL database and a custom-made mailing and subscription system in 2006 which is still being used on their website tdimagies.com.

In the same year, I built and customised an e-commerce site on their old domain fineartad.com which specialised in selling furniture to Canadian and USA customers, and another e-commerce project on their old domain organicbabyworld.ca which specialised in selling bed linens, baby carriers, baby clothes, pillows, toys, and other products. Challenges involved were fine-tuning the website and the server for hosting 100,000s of baby and furniture products and the complex Canadian shipping and tax rates which varied according to state and tax zone.

Since then all projects were either content managed or e-commerce sites for their clients based on Drupal and Ubercart involving contributed and custom modules, data migration, payment processors and theming. Projects were not limited to Drupal and most of the time involved database creation and normalisation, and PHP code on several PHP-based sites. Many were PHPList next to Drupal (until Simple Newsletter came out), Admin views, mailing systems, custom cron jobs, and security and log-in systems.

I'm thankful to TD Imagies who introduced me to Drupal, It has been an excellent business relationship with the director, two secretaries and other staff members.

My first Drupal website was for one of their clients in 2008 and they wanted it with features similar to fishwrecked.com.