Drupal Integration

Drupal becomes even more powerful and when combining its strength with other systems.

It can be combined with financial systems, email management systems and CRM like Salesforce. It is also common to implement shared single login between Drupal and other applications.

The page lists examples of my Drupal integration services and module development projects.

Hierarchical Select Access

Hierarchical Select Access
NHS - Cambridge University Hospitals

The Hierarchical Select Access module complements the Hierarchical Select module and offers a mix of content types and role permissions for selecting menu items in a hierarchy when creating content.

Download the module from Drupal.org:
Hierarchical Select Access

The module solves the granular role-based permissions problem discussed in this issue:

Drupal Edubase API Validation

Drupal Edubase2
New Schools Network

A custom module for validating the school reference number and the local authority name entered by the user against Edubase's database using Drupal's http request to connect to Edubase API.

Edubase is a central database of UK schools, such as the school name and type, the school's unique reference number, local authority and number of students.