Areas of Interest

Drupal is the most scalable enterprise web CMS platform that provides powerful web features, services and functionalities that you can rely on.

Drupal 8 is a new digital experience offering fast performance and easy content authoring. With features meant for the next generation of digital technology, Drupal is easy to customise and it integrates well with other systems.

Support and Maintenance

Drupal support services include functionality improvement, additional features, bug fixes, security updates, upgrades, help and support. I'm here to help! Get in touch for all web development and…

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Drupal Consulting

Sound knowledge of Drupal and familiarity with its modules are key to consulting. Drupal's layers deliver too many interconnected features that can become complicated. Most of the time there is a…

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Custom Module Development

Did you find the module you need? Often there is a module out there for extending the Drupal CMS to accomplish a task. However, a module sometimes doesn't exist or doesn't meet the exact requirement…

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Drupal Integration

Drupal becomes even more powerful and when combining its strength with other systems. It can be combined with financial systems, email management systems and CRM like Salesforce. It is also common…

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Drupal Migration

The need for content and user migration arises when you change CMS or when you update Drupal to a new version such as moving from Drupal 7 to 8. Migration of content from legacy sites into Drupal…

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Security Updates

Regular updates ensure website stability, new features, and performance improvement. However, when a security release becomes available, the update may need to be conducted immediately, to prevent…

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Responsive web design

Responsive design is the website's compatibility with today's media devices providing optimal interactive experience, better communication with customers and convenient content authoring from any…

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Multilingual Set Up

It is becoming popular for websites to offer online content and services in other languages. Below are sample Drupal websites with multilingual and translation support.

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Website Build

A list of Drupal websites I built for clients. They are all mobile friendly websites designed and built to serve specific business requirements and goals.

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