Support and Maintenance

Drupal support services include functionality improvement, additional features, bug fixes, security updates, upgrades, help and support.

I'm here to help! Get in touch for all web development and Drupal support, back-end or front-end.

These are some  sites which I offered support and help.

Drupal Donation System

United World Colleges Website
United World Colleges

Developed a custom donation system for UWC with three payment gateways for Drupal, and with flexible payment options.

Also, provided support and maintenance services including regular security updates.

Drupal Website for Health Psychology Research

Health Psychology Research Website
Health Psychology Research

Responsible for both back and front-end, I built and themed a new Drupal website, and provided maintenance and support for Health Psychology Research.

A custom Bootstrap theme built from scratch.

Drupal Website for Taxation Disciplinary Board

Taxation Disciplinary Board Website
Taxation Disciplinary Board

I built a new Drupal website for Taxation Disciplinary Board. The site has the same look and feel as their old website but with more features and much better usability.

Drupal Lithium SSO Integration

Lithium SSO Single Sign-On
Breast Cancer Care

A custom module for integrating the Lithium community platform with Drupal. It allows two-way authentication.

Drupal is responsible for all the user account operations including the login process, account registration and credentials recovery. After every operation, the user is sent back to the page they came from on the Lithium platform.

Download the module from

Drupal Lithium SSO

Drupal Multilingual for STWR

Drupal Multilingual
Share The World's Resources (STWR)

Provided Drupal support, custom modules, multilingual set up, training, security updates and website theming.