Drupal Consulting

Sound knowledge of Drupal and familiarity with its modules are key to consulting. Drupal's layers deliver too many interconnected features that can become complicated. Most of the time there is a module or even several modules for the same purpose, and often there is more than one way to accomplish a project.

It is also important to understand the requirements of the project, available options, and if Drupal is the best choice.

The page lists Drupal projects which involved consultation, Drupal integration and custom development service.

Drupal Lithium SSO Integration

Lithium SSO Single Sign-On
Breast Cancer Care

A custom module for integrating the Lithium community platform with Drupal. It allows two-way authentication.

Drupal is responsible for all the user account operations including the login process, account registration and credentials recovery. After every operation, the user is sent back to the page they came from on the Lithium platform.

Download the module from Drupal.org:

Drupal Lithium SSO

Drupal SMS Service

Drupal SMS Service
Leytonstone Children's Centre

To promote its project and to invite users to the monthly events, the local Council wants to send 40,000 text messages at a time to registered subscribers, this figure is expected to double the following year and will continue to increment.

I built a custom module for sending bulk SMS from a Drupal site hosted on a virtual cloud server which connects to a database with currently 40,000 subscribers hosted by the local council. Only the client has access to the cloud server which has security measures and an SSL certificate.

Drupal Seasonal Pages

Pioneer Service

The client sells seasonal products specifically diaries, planners and calendars, and promotes them through a newsletter section. She wants to update several products names without affecting the node URLs, and she wants to display the next year text in text areas and meta-tag fields of targeted nodes in different content types.

Pioneer Services E-Commerce

Pioneer Services

The website is developed and built with Drupal CMS and Ubercart. Themed from scratch with the responsive 960 grid system to look similar to Drupal Commerce which is powered by Omega theme. The final look with 5-level responsive support was the client's choice. My Drupal friends still think the website uses the Commerce Kickstart theme.

Training Company Website


This project involved planning, structuring and developing a Drupal website for a training company, www.almustasharoon.com. The website serves both trainers and trainees. It has a custom module for extending the core registration and portfolio modules to include a separate registration and login system for trainers with a trainer biography and other details specific to the his role.

Drupal for Medical Equipment

Blansya Medical Pedometer

The website was developed with minimum contributed modules for blensya.com, and showcases medical supplies on a Drupal site. Products were migrated from two US based non-Drupal websites into manually created taxonomies on Drupal. The purpose of the site is to provide UK and US medical supplies and devices to the Middle East market.

The site has a section for in-house training and showcases products using Drupal views and blocks like featured content, discounted, most viewed, dynamic PDF brochure, etc.