Drupal e-Commerce Books Store

Drupal was developed with Ubercart for setting up an online books store for metrobookstore.com. The project involved many phases from site planning to architecture and utilization of several contributed Ubercart sub-modules. Front-end work and site theming was also involved which was defined by the client's agency.

Ubercart and sub-modules were utilized for international shipping, payment gateways, product kit, coupons, notify, multi-currency support and google analytics for Ubercart. While Drupal was powering the forum, blog, downloads section, and other content for promoting the products. Drupal developed with Ubercart offered unlimited cart solutions including e-mail communication, follow-ups, custom forms, and multiple ways of promoting and selling physical and digital products through a modern e-commerce platform.

The big challenge was to minimize the number of categories to fit the various product types by introducing multiple sub-categories using Drupal taxonomy system and URL aliases. The downloads section offered free and subscription-based digital products by utilizing and extending Drupal Webform hooks which was also used for subscribing customers to the simple newsletter.