Pioneer Services E-Commerce

The website is developed and built with Drupal CMS and Ubercart. Themed from scratch with the responsive 960 grid system to look similar to Drupal Commerce which is powered by Omega theme. The final look with 5-level responsive support was the client's choice. My Drupal friends still think the website uses the Commerce Kickstart theme.

The project involved migration of user details into Drupal and migration of user addresses and all product details and their images into Ubercart using a custom script.

Custom module development

Incorporated custom modules on the website for extending Drupal's features. One module enhances the product pages by using hooks related to node URL, title and meta-tags of seasonal products that keep changing, and also allows flexible display of products using more than one product name.

The module Handles several features of seasonal products by allowing configuration of targeted nodes in the admin area of custom text, product names, page titles and meta-titles, text areas, meta-description and meta-keyword fields; they change automatically every season without affecting the URL of the node.

It also provides custom matching tokens for use with newsletters which target seasonal products. The custom meta-title currently supports only nodewords but can work with other modules.

Also implemented custom features for enhanced communication such as triggered follow-up emails, followed by scheduled emails, and thank you messages after leaving a review.

The site offers multiple ways of selling products utilizing Drupal's power, such as top six, today's top product, just arrived, popular, last reviewed products, discounted, etc. It has several custom views and blocks, some are based on product rating percentage and how many times a product was viewed, etc.