Drupal Migration

The need for content and user migration arises when you change CMS or when you update Drupal to a new version such as moving from Drupal 7 to 8.

Migration of content from legacy sites into Drupal requires the use of special modules and tools. It also requires migration methodology and best practice.

The page lists example migration projects.

Pioneer Services E-Commerce

Pioneer Services

The website is developed and built with Drupal CMS and Ubercart. Themed from scratch with the responsive 960 grid system to look similar to Drupal Commerce which is powered by Omega theme. The final look with 5-level responsive support was the client's choice. My Drupal friends still think the website uses the Commerce Kickstart theme.

Drupal for Medical Equipment

Blansya Medical Pedometer

The website was developed with minimum contributed modules for blensya.com, and showcases medical supplies on a Drupal site. Products were migrated from two US based non-Drupal websites into manually created taxonomies on Drupal. The purpose of the site is to provide UK and US medical supplies and devices to the Middle East market.

The site has a section for in-house training and showcases products using Drupal views and blocks like featured content, discounted, most viewed, dynamic PDF brochure, etc.

Drupal E-commerce and Custom Scripts

TD Imagies

Accomplished various projects for TD Imagies and their clients ranging from Drupal with Ubercart sites to Oscommerce sites and custom MySQL and PHP projects. The first project was a custom MySQL database and a custom-made mailing and subscription system in 2006 which is still being used on their website tdimagies.com.